John Carlson
John Carlson of has been performing for over 23 years. He has
appeared on Late Nite with Conan Obrien over a dozen times.
John Carlson has performed on the lawn of the White House, John
is also known as an educational entertainment specialist. He
performs motivational reading shows for schools and libraries.
With over 6000 shows under this belt he is one of the most
respected, experienced, and requested children’s performers in
the United States
Steve The Magician
Steve is a professional magician specializing in entertainment for
all ages. His shows contain a unique mix of magic and comedy.  
Steve’s show is as funny for the adults, as it is for the children!
Steve uses his unique sense of humor to entertain all ages. He
brings excitement to any occasion using attractive props including
silks, ropes, balloons, and even water! Steve will amaze your
guests with his trained doves, which magically appear at every
Silly Billy
Silly Billy is New York's top children's performer. WABC-TV
News called him "the hottest act in New York today!" Wearing
his trade mark jumbo sized glasses and no clown makeup, this
clown character combines a hilarious magic show with outrageous
balloon twisting and lots of comedy. He appeals to all children,
including the very young, as well as adults. To children, Silly Billy
is very silly, and occasionally even mischievous. Adults like him for
his sharp, intelligent wit.
Television appearances include Late Show with David Letterman,
Comedy Central, MTV, Good Day New York, and scores of local,
news and cable programs.
Bonkerz The Clown
Bonkerz is a wise cracking, goofy, some times confused clown.
Quite different from the average clown, Bonkerz is more like
the fun, obnoxious uncle in your family, he has a great demand to
be heard and loves getting silly with kids that are just as silly as
him. Bonkerz has been know from time to time to steal French
fries or cheese doodles off of kids plates when they aren’t
looking, so use caution when eating in front of him.
Binxx da Clown
Since the day Binxx was born he was forecasted to be the
bestest clown around that day on  nov  51 2001. Even  the doctors
where laughing when he was hatched.   His clown training
progressed  all through his life up un till age 5 then he was
graduated to the clown school of technology where he got his c.h.d
in ballonology and masters in magic mayhem…
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Muggsy Da Clown
My first job was dustin' shelves at Mandel's Drug Store.  Dat
was good cause once ya woik fer Gertie Mandel, ya can woik for
anybody. I sold peanuts at the circus for a while but i ate too
many so dey axed me to leave.  I started boxin' when i was just
dis big.  I boxed fer years til da doc says dat i got hit too many
times, den I tried rasselin' but dem  guys is BIG!

Now I woiks here at the castle.  My 0-fishil title is Maintenance
Supervisor.  But since der aint anybody ta supervise I calls
myself da handyman.

My hobbies are marchin in parades, learnin' new things, watchin'
da tree stooges and makin things nice around da castle.
Cappy Da Clown
A silly seasick sailor.  Member of Clowns of America
International, world Clown Association and New York Clown Alley.

Appointed special advisor to King Henry's royal navy, commander
of the boat in the moat, captain of the tug in the tub, and keeper
of the royal jelly.
Ziggy the Magic Guy
In first grade, Ziggy was part of the school talent show where he
prepared a short show using his fathers’ magic props. Although he
did a few tricks here and there, it wasn’t until Ziggy graduated
high school and began college when the “Magic Bug” bit him again.

Ziggy’s father always wanted to own a magic shop but he had a full
time job. Ziggy would run the shop, the problem was that Ziggy
didn’t really know a lot of magic and he had to attend classes.  
Every day was a new magic lesson for Ziggy. He worked on not
only learning the magic needed for the store, but developed an
act that he could perform at parties and small gatherings.

Ziggy joined “The Magicians Guild of Staten Island”.  While in
this club, Ziggy learned  an act that used doves. Ziggy also took a
job as a “Magic Clown” for a restaurant chain in the area.

After a few years, Ziggy limited his magic to performances at
parties, and simple magic for friends and family.  Ziggy started
performing small simple shows  and quickly moved his way up
becoming a  premier magical entertainer.
He is now one of the most sought after and requested
performers in the tri-state area
Magic Al
When Howard Stern mentioned on his morning radio show that he
had lined up a magician to perform at his daughter's party, AL
GARBER  was depressed. Why hadn't Stern hired him? Garber
later realized Stern actually had hired him, and Garber had since
been asked back to perform at several other Stern family parties-
including a surprise party for Stern's wife, Alison.

The choice is proof that Stern doesn't take his work habits home
with him, because Al, known professionally as Magic Al, is notorious
for keeping his language clean - in rooms where a fart joke would
be a sure way to bring the house down.
Garber's accomplished sleight of hand can make a live dove
appear out of nowhere and a birthday child levitate. But it's the
banter-always funny in just the right way - that really sets him apart.
What do 7-year-old girls find funny? He knows that too!
Mike Kirschner
It all started with grandpa pulling a coin out of my ear. I was
about 3 years old then. After that I had a magician at my
birthday party for the next few years. My parents saw the
desire I had, so they took me to a magic store when I was 7.
That was it for me. I knew from there on that I had a calling and
the calling was Magic.

I performed for the first time at a neighbor's house for their
child's birthday. I was only 10 years old.
Then I was fortunate to go to magic camp at the age of 13. I
learned about sleight of hand, or close up magic from some of the
best magicians in the world. It became almost like an obsession. I
practiced everyday; I still practice everyday. By the time I was
15 I was performing at Restaurants, Family functions and some
Upscale events.

At 18 I moved to Florida for college. I studied Business to
Biology and Philosophy to Psychology. In college there was a class
that taught you how to "heighten" your intuition. I believe the
class was called "ESP, Believe it or not." I had finally found
something in college that would aid me in the entertainment field.
All of this education made me realize that the only thing I wanted
to do was entertain. I gathered all my knowledge from college
and I put it into my magic and mentalism.
Sandy the Seagull
Sandy the Seagull comes from a family of baseball-loving birds.
Sandy’s grandfather grew up on the telephone poles of Brooklyn
in the 1950’s. He lived in a small nest on Flatbush Avenue next
door to Ebbets Field and every weekend, he would fly out to
Coney Island to hang out on the beach and ride the Cyclone. On
game nights, he would fly over to the ballpark and watch the
great Brooklyn Dodgers teams, while snacking on the ballpark
leftovers. Grandpa Seagull was sad when the Dodgers left
Brooklyn. He eventually moved his family to Queens and became a
Mets fan. He found a nice nest at the #7 Train station and would
take his flock to Mets games all the time. What did not change
were the weekend plans, which always included a visit to Coney
Island. When Sandy’s dad was old enough to move out on his own,
he found a nest on top of the Parachute Jump tower.

Sandy was born in 2001. One day, while the ballpark was being
built, Sandy fell out of the family’s Parachute Jump tower nest.
The construction workers nursed him back to health and let him
hang around and be their mascot. When the ballpark was ready
for baseball, Sandy was the obvious choice to become the
Cyclones team mascot. With his inspired leadership, and
cheerleading, he helped lead them to their first championship
season, and has thrilled over one million fans at KeySpan Park..
Silly Billy
Sandy the Seagull
Magic Al
Mike Kirschner
Ziggy the Magic Guy
Steve the Magician
John Carlson
Binxx da Clown
Cappy da Clown
Muggsy da Clown
Bonkerz da Clown
Pete Michaels
With major TV and Film credits like: Dummy; with Oscar winner
Adrien Brody; Late Night with Conan O'Brien; Showtime At The
Apollo; Canada's: Comedy At Club 54; Uptown Comedy Club;
Comedy Central; Let's Laugh with Sherman Hemsley, and many
others-- It's no wonder why Pete Michaels is one of the most IN
DEMAND performers today!
Pete first appeared on stage at the tender age of five. His
fascination with music, comedy, puppets and ventriloquism also
began as a child; with his influences being Edgar Bergen, Paul
Winchell and Jimmy Nelson. He continued performing during his
high school years, often playing the musical comedy leads. An
alumnus of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York,
he furthered his acting studies with Weist-Barron and studied
voice with Robert Marks.
He developed his talents further by showcasing his comedy and
ventriloquism at numerous venues. Pete continued to perform in
Comedy Clubs and on Cruise Ships, quickly gaining wide acclaim and
was soon a regular at the world famous Apollo Theater with his
black puppet pal; Woody D. The duo performed dozens of
television shows, concerts and special events at the landmark
Sammie and Tudie

Sammie and Tudie are New York's favorite clowning duo and have
been performing together for over 16 years!  They met doing
theater in San Francisco and soon began to share thier love of
clowning. They have studied clowning at the New York Goofs
Ultimate clown school and with the San Fransisco Clown School.
They have rock star status with hundreds of NYC area kids. They
have performed at thousands of events from small birthday
parties to the NY City Opera, for the unknown and the well
known, for charity events and for amusement parks. King Henry
calls them "the cutest couple in clowning!"  Sammie and Tudie are
proud to be the resident children's act at  Theater TenTen,one
of the oldest off-Broadway houses in New York City,. They will
have a new show in January of 2008!!  They just finished a great
summer of shows at Victorian Gardens in Central Park and the
Hempstead Children's Theater Festival on Long Island. Their
shows are a blend of comedy, clowning, magic, storytelling, and
circus arts.

Tudie is an extremely accomplished facepainter and has a unique
style due to her training in theatrical makeup and Sammie is one
of the best balloon artist in the world!